Audit Services

Freight Auditing offers UPS audit and FedEx audit services for refund recovery by performing a thorough parcel audit on every freight bill and shipping invoice to obtain the maximum amount of refunds.

Audit for Delivery Refunds

Refunds for Service Failures on Air And Ground Shipments

If a package was delivered late, even by only a minute, it qualifies for a full FedEx refund or UPS refund on that shipment. This is called a GSR, Guaranteed Service Refund, and is the most common reason for a FedEx refund or a UPS refund, obtained through a freight audit.

Refund for Incorrect Saturday Delivery Charges

A shipment that's billed with an extra ‘Saturday Delivery’ charge when UPS or FedEx did not actually pick up or deliver the package on Saturday deserves a full FedEx refund or UPS refunds. With Nessco's Freight Auditing services you will never have to pay such an erroneous charge again.

Refunds for Delivery Exceptions

We often find that even though a shipment was delivered late, the carrier would nonetheless decide not to credit the shipment for a FedEx refund or UPS refund due to one of many exceptions, such as “business closed”, when in fact Nessco's Freight Audit can prove that the business was actually open and that this shipment is eligible for a full FedEx refund or UPS refund. Most other freight auditing companies would just give up after being denied a shipping refund for such an exception, but Nessco will never give up on a refund because we know that we are right and will obtain the full refund that you deserve from FedEx and UPS.

Audit for Billing Refunds

Refunds for Incorrect Address Correction Fees

Occasionally the FedEx or UPS will charge an ‘address correction’ fee when in fact the correct address was listed on the manifest. Address correction fees are an extra $12 per correction, which definitely adds up every month.

Refunds for Duplicate Invoicing And Airway Bills

A shipment package may at times be billed more than once, which means you’re basically being charged twice. UPS allows us to review invoices going back even 6 months in order to recover UPS refunds from duplicate charges.

Refunds with Correct Cost Structures

Nessco will confirm that our clients are getting the promised rates on all shipments, and that the correct discounts stated in their contracts are being applied. This factor for FedEx refunds and UPS refunds works hand-in-hand with our contract negotiations services.

Refunds for Non-Voided Airway Bills (Manifested But Never Shipped)

Such a refund can be claimed when a shipment package has been entered into the carrier system but has never actually been shipped, however the client was billed for it anyway. These shipments are known as "voids" and are very common with UPS shipments.

Audit for Shipping Refunds

Incorrect Residential Vs. Commercial Surcharges

Carriers sometimes charge an extra ‘residential fee’ when in fact the package was shipped to a business. These charges are typical, deserve to be refunded to you, and although usually only costs small amounts, these costs will add up over the course of time. Charges are between $2.80 and $27.70, depending on the service type.

Erroneous Delivery Area Surcharges

Sometimes the carrier will charge erroneous delivery area surcharges that should not be applied based on the shipment details. Surcharges are between $2.15 and $10.75, depending on the service type. Nessco Freight Auditing will make sure you get the FedEx refund and UPS refund that you deserve for such erroneous surcharges.

Incorrect Dimensional Weight Charges

Many times the carrier will make a mistake on the dim weight calculation. They charge whatever is greater, the actual weight or the dim weight, but many times these weights are shown incorrectly, which directly affects the rate of the package. Nessco Freight Auditing catches these mistakes and demands the UPS refund and FedEx refund that you are owed.

If Nessco isn't performing a thorough freight audit on every one of your shipping invoices to obtain the maximum FedEx refunds and UPS refunds that you deserve, then we're BOTH losing money!

Nessco Freight Auditing provides many services: refund recovery, rate negotiations, incorrect rates or discounts, late deliveries (GSR), dimensional weight errors (DIMs/SCC), incorrect accessorial charges, address corrections, manifested but not shipped (Voids), delivery area surcharges (DAS), commercial/residential adjustments, extended commercial/residential DAS, inaccurately billed collect shipments, fuel surcharges, inaccurately billed third party shipments, international import and export, duplicate invoices, duplicate tracking numbers, CODs, multiple account validation, inactive account reporting, weight inaccuracy, undeliverable returns, declared value (insurance), large package surcharge, late payment fee visibility, early AM deliveries, Saturday delivery and pick-up validation, invalid account number usage, no proof of delivery, additional handling charges, special contract consideration, return service labels not used, packages not previously billed, chargebacks, all miscellaneous charges, reporting and analytics, invoice and claims management, and more.


There’s no effort on your part – Nessco Freight Auditing does everything while you just enjoy the refunds.


Nessco manually & electronically audits every shipping invoice to give our clients personal service & maximum refund results.


Nessco Freight Auditing has been auditing shipping bills since 2005 and has earned the reputation as the expert in the freight auditing industry.

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