Auditing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about FedEx Refunds, UPS Refunds, and general information about obtaining Shipping Refunds via Freight Auditing Services.

Every parcel shipment comes with a "money-back-guarantee" for FedEx refunds and UPS refunds. If your overnight or ground shipment package is late by even 60 seconds then you deserve a full FedEx refund or UPS refund - which means you deserve 100% of your money back from FedEx and UPS - guaranteed!
Absolutely not. There is no long-term obligation to continue using Nessco's freight auditing services. Nessco services you with a shipping audit on a month-to-month basis, so if you are ever not completely satisfied with the the amount of FedEx refunds and UPS refunds obtained via Nessco's freight auditing services for whatever reason, you can just cancel anytime and we will go our separate ways.
Most of Nessco's clients simply do not have the time, personnel, or resources necessary to track all their shipments, perform a thorough and comprehensive freight audit, and file for their own shipping claims for FedEx refunds and UPS refunds. A client would have to literally manually track and perform a shipping audit on 95 "good" shipments before they can find the 5 shipments that are "late" and eligible for a FedEx refund or UPS refund within all the guidelines through a freight audit. Then the client would need to call FedEx or UPS, spend several minutes on the phone with a customer service representative, and go through the necessary steps of an auditing process in order to file for a FedEx refund or UPS refund. Many times a claim for a refund will simply be rejected due to one of the many exceptions that most shippers are unaware even exist. Nessco's system is programmed to incorporate these exceptions directly via a number of algorithms. Think of Nessco's Freight Auditing services as an employee working for you within your own company, doing all this auditing work on your behalf, without even having to pay that employee a salary for auditing. Nessco's clients often express how happy they are with the FedEx refunds and UPS refunds that Nessco secures for them every month from FedEx and UPS. Nessco's customers think of our Freight Auditing services like a free insurance policy, without ever be charged for 'premiums'. In the extremely rare event that we are not successful in obtaining enough shipping refunds for you via our freight auditing services, then you will not owe us any compensation or reimbursement for our time and efforts performing the shipping audit.
No, except that FedEx and UPS would prefer to keep your money rather than refund it back to you! FedEx and UPS offer these guarantees for shipping refunds to all their customers simply because they are in competition with each other and they both want to earn your business. What FedEx and UPS don't tell you is how difficult, confusing, and time consuming properly performing a shipping audit will be in order to actually obtain the refunds you are due. They are actually counting on the fact that statistically most people will simply give up and stop trying to ask for their FedEx refunds and UPS refunds. Don't worry - Nessco will never give up!
No. Once a client gives Nessco permission to track their shipments, whether through FedEx or UPS, Nessco will automatically retrieve the information needed each day to perform the shipping audit. Signing up for Nessco's services only requires a quick one-time process which takes about five minutes. Nessco's friendly client support staff will walk you through this simple one-time procedure and answer any questions you may have regarding freight auditing and obtaining shipping refunds.
Absolutely not! 100% of all FedEx refunds and UPS refunds are credited directly to our clients through their FedEx and UPS account. Nessco will then invoice the client for their fee at the end of each month based solely on the amount of refunds they were able to retrieve. Nessco clients will only ever have to pay after the shipping refunds have already been confirmed as credited to their FedEx or UPS account.
On average, Nessco's clients can expect to see a 5%-10% reduction off of their shipping bills. Individual shipping refunds and savings depends on each clients specific location, shipping patterns, service types, destinations, and the time and season of the year.

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