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Submit your contact info for a free consultation of our auditing services. No obligation! Bills dated before 07/04/2024 are no longer eligible for a refund. Freight Auditing has a 15-day window to perform a thorough audit and claim refunds on freight & parcel shipments.

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Sign up today for Nessco's thorough freight audit services so that every one of your shipping invoices will obtain the maximum FedEx refunds and UPS refunds that you deserve - otherwise we're BOTH losing money!

Here's a comprehensive list of most parcel auditing services that Nessco's Freight Auditing services provides their clients: 1- Nessco performs a thorough parcel auditing on every ground, air, international air, and residential parcel shipment in order to obtain UPS & FedEx refunds for any and all shipments that have not been delivered on time. 2- Nessco reviews all parcel shipments to make sure there are no duplicate invoices, duplicate charges, or duplicate tracking numbers. 3- Nessco obtains shipping refunds for return service labels that have not been used. 4- Nessco reviews all undeliverable returns visibility situations. 5- Nessco obtains UPS & FedEx refunds for charges on packages that were manifested but not shipped (voids). 6- Nessco will correct invoices that have inaccurate charges for address corrections – each address correction incurs an extra fee of around $13.00. 7- Nessco verifies that charges are accurately calculated for all various ‘dimensional weight’ (DIM) box sizes. 8- Nessco reviews every invoice to ensure that all rates, discounts, incentives, and accessorial charges are compliant with the client’s negotiated agreement. 9- Nessco will make the necessary commercial/residential adjustments to parcel shipments. 10- Nessco performs parcel auditing for delivery area surcharges (D.A.S./Extended D.A.S./Rural) and obtains shipping refunds. 11- Nessco can review your current contract and assist with FedEx, UPS, and general carrier negotiations. 12- Nessco specializes in international import and export. 13- Nessco will correct any and all incorrectly billed collect shipments. 14- Nessco audits all shipments for weight accuracy and adjusts pricing accordingly. 15- Nessco will adjust the details within ASD (advanced shipment documents) with no weight entered. 16- Nessco will assist with lost and damaged claims. 17- Nessco will verify all large package surcharges (additional handling). 18- Nessco will obtain refunds for incorrectly billed 3rd Party Shipments, which occurs when others use your account number. 19- Nessco audits for late payment fee visibility. 20- Nessco reviews the validity of all shipments that include an extra charge for Saturday delivery and pick-up validation. 21- Nessco performs parcel auditing for invalid account number usage. 22- Nessco reviews all additional handling charges. 23- Nessco is experienced with special contract consideration verification. 24- Nessco audits all C.O.D. shipments. 25- Nessco verifies that all fuel surcharges are accurate. 26- Nessco also audits for many other miscellaneous accessorial charges that might require adjustments or refunds.